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City Tours
Albania is a diverse country, with many sights and landmarks to visit and explore. With that in mind we have come up with a series of several guided tours, spanning from one to several days covering all the major attractions.

berat guided tour Tirana-Berat, price 80 EUR.

Berat is wellknown for its peculiar urban architecture. It is often called the city of a thousand windows, as the houses seem to be built atop of each other. Highlights of the trip include visits to the Onufrim ethnographic museum.
ardenice Tirana-Ardenice-Apolonia, price 90 EUR.

A dive in the archeological past: The Monastery of Ardenice is thought to date back to 1282, while in the archeological site of Apolonia you will witness the remains of an ancient city founded in 558 BC.
kruja Tirana-Kruja, price 40 EUR.

Kruja is a favorite city destination for locals and tourists alike because except for housing the Castle of Skenderbeg, the Albanian National Hero, it also offers a chance to visit the old bazaar with exquisite finds: rugs, fabrics, antiques most of it hand-made.
durres Tirana-Durres, price 40 EUR.

Durres is the second most popular city after Tirana. With the coastline, ancient past and seaside restaurants it is the favorite weekend stop for capital city urbanites. Highlights of the trip include visits to the Amphitheater of Durres, Archeological Museum and the pedestrian seaside street, etc.
  Tirana-Durres-Kruja, price 70 EUR.

Take advantage of this combo offering both history and fun.
shkoder Tirana-Shkodra, price 90 EUR.

Shkodra is the biggest Albanian Northern city. It houses the famous castle of Rozafa, as well a wonderful ethnographic museum whose main attraction is the collection of the Albanian photographer Marubi, who was both in touch and directly influenced from the famous Lumiere brothers.

Tirana-Saranda price 160 EUR

The Albanian southern coastline has been greatly raved about recently. Unexplored beaches, virgin territories, and small towns which in the past years have become favorite nightlife destinations for capital urbanites and their weekend getaways.


Tirana-Gjirokastra price 150 EUR

The city of Gjirokastra has been declared as a World Heritage Site from UNESCO for its particular urban structure, history and old fashioned coblestone streets. Known by many as the City of Stone, if you ever read "Chronicle in Stone" from Ismail Kadare, this is a must visit.

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